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Take A Mint, 2016 Cleveland Garlic Festival & A Ticket Giveaway

 Cleveland Garlic Festival

The 2016 Cleveland Garlic Festival will take place on Saturday, August 27, 2016 from Noon to 9pm, and Sunday, August 28, 2016 from Noon to 6pm.
Get Your Tickets Online HERE & Find directions HERE.

Music, Food & Fun!

The Summer is filled with festivals, so many to turn to weekend after weekend.  I love them and I wish I could get to them all.  What I really love are the themed ones, like this Garlic Festival!

Ahhhh Garlic!  I don't know what I'd do without it.  It's definitely not for everyone (I'm sorry) and it can certainly keep you from getting up close and personal with people after you've consumed it. Keeping people away from you like Dracula's reaction to garlic, so the myths say.  Funny how there is actually a Transylvania Garlic species.

Lets not forget to mention the health benefits of garlic!  I keep telling myself this because it does a body good!

Did you know that China is the largest garlic producer in the world, I'm talking about 66%!  Though Italians are well known for their consumption and their uses in their cuisine, I have to vouch for that, I use a lot of garlic in my cooking.  Really though, it's heavily used in many countries and the US is no exception.  Garlic is grown in every state except Alaska.  Unless done indoors in a very well maintained housing unit for these glorious bulbs.

So I love Garlic right?  I'm looking forward to attending this years festival.  I couldn't be more excited, checking out the Top Chef Grill Offs, seeing who comes up with delicious garlic dishes, I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the judges who get to taste these amazing dishes filled with the power punch flavor of garlic.  Categories in different meats and even in vegetarian dishes.  See Schedule HERE.

Then you have the Miss Garlic 2016,  They'll be parading with their garlic fairies at 2:30pm on Saturday, August 27th.

Of course it's not a festival without music and there will be lots of it, check out the Live Music Schedule HERE.  Not to mention tons of Vendors & Sponsors from local businesses, organizations will be there supporting.

Did I mention the food yet?  Of course!  There will be lots of it and some things that surely stick out is Mitchell's Garlic Ice Cream!  Yes, I said that right, Garlic Ice Cream.  Will you dare to try?  Even once?  It could be one of those things you can say, I've actually had Garlic Ice Cream.  Who doesn't already love Mitchell's with their local & natural farm ingredients.  Other flavors will be available at their spot don't worry.  Maybe Garlic Fries is more up your alley?  There will be so much to eat, you better stock up on mints, but don't worry there will be many beverages to wash it all down.

On both Saturday and Sunday, Mighty Locavores kids section will be filled with Flower Clown, Outback Ray, "Taste the Season" game, Get Growin' with Garlic, St. Ignatius Jugglers, Tractor Simulator, ChalkArt, Rock Climbing Wall, story telling by Cleveland Public Library, Meyer Hatchery chicken coop raffle, pedal tractor maze and so much more!

My family especially my kids love festivals where you can actually learn to do things and I like it as a parent that I don't always have to keep reaching in my pocket to pay for every little lesson.  It's nice when a community event gives back.  I love supporting my community to continue events like this.  I know my family is going to enjoy going.  I don't think they fully understand what culinary punch garlic gives to all their foods on a daily basis, this is going to be a fun way to have them learn that.  I always tell them they have garlic running in their veins.  I wonder if I can get them to taste the garlic ice cream?  LOL!  I think I will just add that to the odd things I've done list!  I highly recommend everyone should have that kind of list!

Cleveland Garlic Festival is the Annual Fundraiser for North Union Farmers Market, a nonprofit organization committed to championing the local foods of Northeast Ohio by promoting their environmental, economic and health benefits. Every year, North Union brings fresh and local produce to over 350,000 local shoppers.  Read about their mission HERE for the festival.

Now time for the giveaway!  You can enter to win 2 admission tickets right here!
You can enter by doing all the following steps below, you can do 1 or all.  Just follow each step carefully.
*Leave a comment below to tell me how you love to use garlic in your home!
Photo By Art By ASM, Italian Roasted Chicken
(I love using an abundance of garlic when I make roasted chicken!)
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Last but not least, go here and order a Cleveland Garlic Festival TShirt!
To learn more about the festival, visit 

I can't wait to hear how you love to use garlic!

For the Love of Garlic,

Note:  All opinions are my own.  Thank You to North Union Farmers Market & everyone at Cleveland Garlic Festival for the photos to use in this post and for all the hardwork you do to bring this to our community.

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