Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Fall, Pineapple & Cherry Dump Cake, Yes Please!

*I'm reposting this recipe onto this new blog.  It's an oldie but goodie.  We still love it, it's quick, easy and tastes great, no it's not a 5 star restaurant dessert (Though I wouldn't mind it if it was on the 5 star menu), I got no time for that during nights that are crazy!  Cake Mix companies knew what they were doing!  I look back on these pictures and see my now Preteen still so little, my goodness has time passed!  Did I mention that my 2 year old mentioned in this post is now 6....Savor every moment in time....

Pineapple Cherry Dump Cake Dessert

My husband wanted dessert along with our feast we made for dinner, pork chops.  He wanted to make a quick cake with frosting (again), I'm a little tired of it and wanted something a little more homey and comforting.  Then I remembered, what sounded great was Pineapple and Cherry Dump Cake.  Mmmm, yes....  Fruity, Sweet, Crumbly and Buttery and then possibly ala mode?  My husband thought it sounded great (he's had it before but didn't remember).  It's such an easy dessert and should be made more often!

The first time I had it was at my mother in law's.  She made it when my husband and I were just dating.  Wow that was a long time ago.  Then I made it for a few Sunday dinners at my parent's house when we would all get together when my dad was still alive.  I always made dessert.  I think my dad loved this dessert.  We had similar dessert tastes.

So it's been awhile.  Wish I had some pecans but then I thought having no pecans for the kids was better, because they don't yet have the acquired taste for nuts in the raw.  My son doesn't like the texture yet, he's only 2.

I made a 9x13 pan of it and right now as I write this more than half of it is gone.

*There were nibblers (my husband and daughter) taking turns dipping the spoons in and eating it.   Sneaks! 

Then my husband made a huge bowl of it later and ate it ala mode!  I ate some later, had a smaller piece, didn't want to have it sit on my stomach before bed.

This is your basic Dump cake, but with the pineapple I didn't use tidbits.  I used pineapple pieces.  Larger size cut tidbits.  I like to get a good piece of pineapple.  I love pineapple!  I thought I had Cherry Pie filling in my cupboards but didn't, so my husband ran up to the store and got some.  He didn't get the Comstock brand which I prefer, he got some other brand I never seen or heard of.  What do you expect from someone who doesn't know.  But it still worked well.  Still prefer Comstock.

I also have to point out that this is something great to make with the kids.  They can pretty much make it themselves.  All you have to do is put it in the oven and take it out of the oven.  My daughter did this one with me.  She honestly did most of the work.  I am trying to rub off the love of cooking and baking to her.  So someday she'll have memories of cooking with me like I do with my mom.

So here it daughter creating her first mostly on her own dessert.

Use a 9x13 glass or metal baking dish, here you can see I used my glass one.  I like this dish for cobblers and desserts.  Sofia is pouring both the juice and pineapple pieces in to the baking dish.  (no need to grease the dish).

Then Sofia added the Cherry Pie filling.

Here she is mixing it around.

We both sprinkled the cake mix on top and evenly distributed it.
See the heart shaped Barbie plate with the butter pats (butter cut into tablespoons).  So cute!

Sofia laid the butter pats perfectly, she's so proud and so is Mamma!
She loves posing with a Peace Sign gesture!  My little Bohemian!

*Look at the beautiful layers through the glass...

Baked at 350'F for 45 minutes and you're done!  Again they got to it before I could take a picture of it still whole!  At least they loved it!

This couldn't be a simpler put together dessert.  Kids can do it.  Although it seems so simple it tastes delicious and it's one of my favorite desserts.  Great for that last minute dessert too.  This is great ala Mode and I would think maybe a light drizzle of caramel topping on top of the ice cream would also be good with this.  This is best served warm and is also great reheated in the microwave.

My husband wanted to add chocolate chips but I stood my ground and said no, not everything has to have chocolate in it....  OH MY GOSH, Did I really just type that?  Shame on me!  But seriously if it was just the cherry pie filling then maybe it would of worked.  Or perhaps using chocolate cake mix instead with the cherry pie filling and adding chocolate chips.

PS:  You can use any pie filling.  I love Peach Pie Filling.  Apple Pie Filling works great too and would make a great Fall dessert and mixed in some cinnamon in the cake mix.  If you are going to just use pie filling then I would double up on the cans of it.  Maybe even a third?  Be creative!

You can also make Pumpkin Dump Cake too, just make the Pumpkin Pie Filling that you would use to make pumpkin pie, add that to the baking dish first then add the cake mix, pecans and butter on top.  I am making that next.  Will post when I do.  Mmmm!

Here's the recipe:

Pineapple and Cherry Dump Cake:
1 box of Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Yellow Cake Mix
1 and a half sticks of butter cut into tablespoon pats  ( I didn't say it was healthy persay)
Comstock Cherry Pie Filling in a can.
1 (20oz) can of Pineapple Pieces from a can, I prefer pieces over crushed pineapple.

Preheat oven to 350'F.

Pour your Pineapple Pieces including juice into a 9x13 glass or metal baking dish.

Add Cherry Pie Filling

Mix just until fruit is well distributed.

Sprinkle all of cake mix on top of fruit.

Layer tablespoons pats of butter in oven.

Bake at 350'F for 45 minutes.

Serve warm.  Add Ice Cream and Caramel Topping as well as Whip Cream if desired.  Or just eat it out of the pan like my daughter and husband did...  That's how they roll....


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